Value of Elevated Front Exterior Shots (Using Drone)

Sometimes I say elevated front shot with a drone and the response from brokers is automatically, “Uh, no thanks, I don’t want to just show a bunch of roof.” I couldn’t agree more!   And […]


Shoot – Sold! Do it again!

Does Eugene Real Estate Photography make a difference? Do smooth HD video walkthroughs that show how the home is connected make a difference? Let’s see… Thursday afternoon:   Photo session.   Thursday afternoon (later):  Photos […]


Pro Real Estate Photography – Making the Story!

Ok, so studies have shown that using pro real estate photography and videos will garner more views (61% more), sell homes faster and net more $$$s for everyone. But that’s not the goal.  Those are […]


Tip: Boost your Facebook posts

Facebook is always making changes but this one has had a huge impact on businesses.  Fewer organic posts from business pages are showing up in your followers feeds.  This isn’t a bad thing— it means […]


Tip: Use animated Gifs in your emails

Being authentic with your customers and putting their needs first often comes down to communication.  One of the trends driving communication today is the age-old animated gif.   Humor is always a great seller too! […]


Why use professional real estate photography?

Aren’t smartphone shots enough?  We’ve all seen too many listings with dark corners, utterly blown out windows, walls that tilt one way on one side of the photo and the opposite on the other;  photos […]