Tip: Use animated Gifs in your emails

seth-happyBeing authentic with your customers and putting their needs first often comes down to communication.  One of the trends driving communication today is the age-old animated gif.  

Humor is always a great seller too!

As with professional real estate photography, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Animated gifs are a lot of words rolled up into one emotive communication!

Imagine the look on the face of your seller when they receive this email with Seth Meyers doing a happy wiggle.  Subject line:  We got another offer- $382,500!  Yay!

You don’t even need to add any text to the email— you’ve communicated all you need to in a way that breaks down barriers and puts your customer front and center.

www.Giphy.com is an excellent repository of gifs for your perusal— search on any term, and gifs will magically appear.

You can right-click the animation and save to your desktop or copy the image to insert into your email or facebook posts.

Go Seth!

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