Tip: Boost your Facebook posts

facebook-boost-postFacebook is always making changes but this one has had a huge impact on businesses.  Fewer organic posts from business pages are showing up in your followers feeds.  This isn’t a bad thing— it means folks who aren’t boosting their posts aren’t getting access to their customers feeds.

So, experiment with it.  It’s not expensive and can garner you significantly greater exposure.  Pick a post from your business page that is relevant to your customers and boost it with $5.00 or $10.00.  Be sure to focus the reach of your post down to your local area.  You might consider picking or making a post that centers on referrals (your main source of new customers.)

The benefit:  A boosted post will show up more often in your followers feeds.  Furthermore, as your folks click on the post in order to read it in full, Facebook is learning your audience values what you have to say and your organic posts will begin to show up more frequently in their feeds as well!

Boost one or two posts a couple of times a month and play around with it.  A referral that converts to a sale would be worth the effort and spending a few bucks, wouldn’t it?

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