Value of Elevated Front Exterior Shots (Using Drone)

Sometimes I say elevated front shot with a drone and the response from brokers is automatically, “Uh, no thanks, I don’t want to just show a bunch of roof.”

I couldn’t agree more!   And if you’ve seen one of these roof shots, the harsh reality is, the photographer just doesn’t get it.

Most of my elevated exterior drone shots are from about 8′ – 12′ up, perhaps a little higher if it’s a two-story building.

Just as with interiors, it’s about creating architectural photography that’s appealing to the eye, not distracting.  Roofs are distracting.

And then, there are just some listings that utterly require the use of a drone to provide that online digital curb appeal.  Like homes that are higher than the sidewalk or homes that have foliage that hides the front of the home or perhaps a fence that doesn’t necessarily flatter the home online.

Here’s an example.  The front yard of this home was pressed up against the back fence of the property in front of it with an easement type driveway.

There was simply no way to get far enough in front of the home to get a decent shot from the ground.  Sure, I could have dropped on a 17mm lens and distorted the heck out of it— but, well, no that wouldn’t do either.

Instead, I opted to pop my drone up real quick, get a little elevation and a hair back further and make the photo.  In my opinion, the front elevated shot will show much better online.

Ground level vs Elevated Shot

Ground Level or Elevated Shot with a Drone? Which is better?

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